BIOTEM proposes a range of reference products (antibodies and immunoassays) from its own research & development programs and collaborative projects.


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                                               BIO.000.1 - 5mC                                   BIO.020.3 - 5hmC                              BIO.020.2 - S1P1

      5hmC       S1P1

                                               BIO.018.4 - GRA1                               BIO.018.5 - GRA2                                BIO.018.6 - GRA5

GRA1       GRA2       GRA5

                                              BIO.000.2 - Tyr N                                 BIO.000.3 - Tyr N                               BIO.019.2 - HTLV1

TyrN6       TyrN2       HTLV1

                                              BIO.020.1 - NAMPT                                 BIO.021.0 - Dox                          BIO/K/001-50 - Dox Test

NAMPT       DoxAb       Dox Test