BIOTEM Therapeutic Antibody Platform

Therapeutic antibodies constitute the largest segment of today’s biopharmaceuticals market. The unequalled properties of monoclonal antibodies such as specificity, affinity and long half-life make the first choice molecules as therapeutic agents.

Driven by the need to reduce immunogenicity and to increase efficacy, therapeutic antibodies have evolved from fully murine to engineered antibodies with increased proportions of human sequences. Chimeric antibodies were the first engineered antibodies, however they still induce immune responses in humans and are therefore mainly used for diagnostics nowadays. Thanks to their lowered immunogenicity, humanized and fully human antibodies are the most commercialized therapeutic antibodies.

BIOTEM is a recognized service provider with more than 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of antibodies. The company has established a large technological platform to develop therapeutic antibodies.

Along with classical strategies, BIOTEM proposes therapeutic antibody development by the Ultimate Humanization® platform which is a cutting-edge technology for the generation of high affinity antibodies with outstanding low predicted toxicity and cross-reactivity in humans.

  • BIOTEM’s added value
  • Full project development, or
  • Optimization of available lead antibodies
  • Adapted to any therapeutic antibody project
  • No royalties, no claims, no follow-up rights

Furthermore, BIOTEM is the “one-stop-shop” for your therapeutic antibody project: from immunogen design (peptide synthesis, recombinant protein development or carrier protein coupling) up to antibody characterization (sequencing, affinity determination etc.)