Client Testimonials

They trust us...

The company is the privileged partner of almost 500 prestigious industrial and academic laboratories. In addition to its policy of quality and responsiveness, the guarantee of strict confidentiality is – and will remain – a strong commitment of BIOTEM. In this context, BIOTEM is proud to publish here the names and testimonies of its most loyal partners who allow it to cite them as a reference.


  • S. Yoon
    Cyron Therapeutics

    “In terms of antibody engineering and humanization, our team are working with BIOTEM for many years. The results were always very satisfying. In the long journey of a novel antibody drug development, BIOTEM is one of the best collaborator as a specialized CRO.” S. Yoon, Cyron Therapeutics

  • Rhythm Biosciences Horo Logo RGB

    G. Gilbert
    Rhythm Biosciences

    “Following the de-risking the scientific aspects of our test and whilst finalising the clinical performance of our simple, low cost, global mass-market blood test for the early detection of colorectal cancer, Following the de-risking the scientific aspects of our test and whilst finalising the clinical performance of our simple, low cost, global mass-market blood test for the early detection of colorectal cancer, RHYTHM BIOSCIENCES sought out a manufacturer capable of fulfilling Rhythm's ambition to bring this Australian innovation to the world and to address the significant unmet global need. Indeed, the ColoSTAT® test – Rhythm’s lead product – has the potential to make a real difference in reducing the number of lives affected by the disease, whilst expecting to deliver having significant benefits to both patients and payors from an economic standpoint. During a robust global manufacturer selection process, we appointed and worked with BIOTEM for the optimisation and production transfer of our ELISA IVD medical device. BIOTEM, and more particularly its Immunoassay platform, has shown professionalism and efficiency with allowing for the easy monitoring of the project given the distances between the two entities. We are delighted with this long term collaboration and the upcoming production prospects.” Glenn Gilbert, CEO Rhythm Biosciences (ASX: RHY), Melbourne, Australia.

  • innat-logo

    C. Bonnafous
    Innate Pharma

    “INNATE PHARMA sought BIOTEM's expertise to develop monoclonal antibodies able to bind a key therapeutic target on FFPE samples. The challenge was to generate high affinity antibodies selective for a receptor belonging to a family of receptors with high sequences similarity. After unsuccessful attempts, INNATE PHARMA decided to work with BIOTEM which raised the challenge differently. Most notably new immunogens were implemented using the exclusive IHC Peptide ProfilerTM. Thanks to this technology BIOTEM was able to generate optimal immunogens and subsequently to expedite the isolation of IHC-p antibodies by Phage Display.”

  • ose immuno

    C. Mary
    Ose Immunotherapeutics

    “We worked with BIOTEM for the in silico humanization of our antibodies by CDR grafting and were very satisfied with the quality of the reports as well as by the applied price. The amino acid modifications proposed by BIOTEM for the humanization and the optimization of the antibodies were well explained and prioritized, which rendered the testing of the humanization variants more efficient. I particularly enjoyed the ease of interaction with the specialists and their very professional advice.”

  • logo_dianova

    Kristine Fischer

    “Dianova had a specific need to develop antibodies to work in IHC with paraffin embedded sections; the team and I found that BIOTEM did a very solid job. From the choice of the immunising antigen to the design of the whole project BIOTEM contributed with good ideas to shape it to our needs (or reshape it during the course). People at BIOTEM were always reliable, always had an open ear for our needs, ideas or concerns and managed to keep structure and concentration in such a special cooperation with several partners having different backgrounds or specific goals. Especially the coordination of the time sensitive inter-laboratory work over great distance and timely exchange of results worked well.’’

  • satt-ent

    Y. Campion
    Technology transfer office - SATT Nord

    “In the context of one of our maturation projects, we have contacted BIOTEM for the humanization by CDR-grafting of our murine monoclonal antibody. BIOTEM’s dedicated project team has always taken in consideration all our requests and constraints while maintaining the high quality of their services and providing specific advice during every stage of the project. The obtained results are perfectly in line with our expectations.” Y. Campion – Technology transfer office - SATT Nord