Custom Antibody production

Antibody Discovery and Development - Antibody Production - Characterization

Since 1980, BIOTEM has been offering a wide range of solutions for Research, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Programs

  • Antibody Discovery & Antibody Development from scratch
  • Antibody Production (from hybridomas and sequences)
  • Antibody Engineering & Modification
  • Antibody Characterization

BIOTEM’s scientific team is attentive to clients’ needs and propose appropriate strategies for each project: Monoclonal Antibody (Hybridoma & Phage Display) or Polyclonal Antibody. In addition, each project is organized in several phases during which the client can test the intermediate biological material.

1. Project Specifications

Listening to our clients is a central part of our services. For each project, our team explores with the client the challenges of the project and together we define the specifications.

  • The target of interest : membrane protein, peptide, small molecule, post-translational modifications, etc.
  • Applications : ELISA, WB, FACS, IF, IHC, IP, functional tests, diagnostic or therapeutic applications, etc.
  • Specific features : Available material, specificity, deadlines, etc.

Taking into account these multiple parameters, BIOTEM will propose tailor-made strategies to meet the client’s needs and guarantee the success of the project.

2. Custom strategy

Thanks to its expertise and know-how, our team offers high quality services for the generation of custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. We dispose of a wide range of technologies to carry out the most ambitious projects and offer high added value services to our clients.

From the production and preparation of immunogens / antigens, followed by immunizations, antibody screening, and up to the antibody production, we offer complete and tailor-made solutions to the scientific community.

3. Custom Development

Each project is organized in several phases at the end of which the customer has the possibility to test the biologicals to validate the continuation or not of the project (Go / No-Go Milestones).

Personalized support and regular updates will enable the client to follow the progress of the project and evaluate the results obtained for each phase.

4. Client’s Test

At all stages oh the projet, the clients will have the opportunity to test the biologicals (sera, supernatants, oligoclonal antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, etc.) and validate the final candidates.

Additional services may also be offered to characterize the final candidate and facilitate patent desposit.

5. Antibody Production & satisfaction

Thanks to our Antibody Production Platform (from hybridomas or sequences), Aantibodies of interest can be produced on a large scale according to the needs of our clients. The company has a large production capacity from milligram to several grams.

All our services are executed on a Fee-for-service basis, BIOTEM does not claim any rights on the antibodies developed. With more than 97% satisfaction rate, BIOTEM makes your success a priority and a promise!

What are the Solutions for
Antibody Production and Characterization?



BIOTEM has developed fully recognized and unique expertise and know-how in the generation of murine monoclonal antibodies with high affinities and specificities.

Complemented by proprietary technologies adapted to small or very homologous targets, the development of monoclonal antibodies is based mainly on 2 approaches:
Hybridoma or Phage Display (recombinant antibodies).



Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies (recombinant antibodies for BIOTEM) achieve naturally high affinities and specificities while allowing the recognition of a broad diversity of targets.

Optimized for the detection of small molecules (haptens) they represent an attractive class of immunoreagents for most challenging applications in Life Science and Diagnostics



Immunohistochemistry on paraffin sections (IHC-p) is a widely used analytical method but requires extensive sample processing which can thus denature the target of interest. Few commercially available antibodies have the ability to perform well in this application.

BIOTEM offers an exclusive know-how based on the design and formulation of immunogens / antigens combined with high throughput screening in IHC.



Polyclonal antibodies are widely used tools, especially in research.

BIOTEM can implement several protocols for the production of polyclonal antibodies in rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, chickens, etc.



From immunized donors against a target of interest and in the acute response phase, BIOTEM has the possibility, thanks to the recombinant antibody platform, to create an immune library and screen antibodies by Phage Display.



Initially created by the French Army, this exclusive platform , one of the initiators of which was recruited by BIOTEM, is based on the immunization of macaques (Non-Human Primate) and combines different technologies (in vivo and in vitro) to generate therapeutic antibodies with high added value.



Humanized antibodies constitute the majority of today’s approved and marketed therapeutic antibodies. BIOTEM uses a proven and modernized version of the classical CDR-grafting technology comprising a bioinformatic analysis (backed up by the human germinal sequences) associated with an optimization of sequences.



Antibody chimerization is a preliminary step before antibody humanization in order to decrease its immunogenicity.

Chimeric antibody could be also used as a control for diagnostic applications (calibrators).



Thanks to its recombinant antibody platform, BIOTEM has the ability to develop antibodies from llamas and all types of immunized species / animals (camel or other camelids, etc.).

This platform allows the generation of antibodies of different formats (VHH or nanobody, scFv, scFv-Fc, Ig, etc.).



Thanks to its recombinant antibody platform, BIOTEM has the ability to develop antibodies from all types of immunized species / animals (dog, cat, horse, etc.).



Thanks to its recombinant antibody platform, BIOTEM has the ability to develop antibodies from llamas and all types of immunized species / animals (camel or other camelids, etc.).

This platform allows the generation of antibodies of different formats (VHH or nanobody, scFv, scFv-Fc, Ig, etc.).



Starting with antibody sequences, BIOTEM has the ability to produce your recombinant antibodies thanks to an optimized system by transient transfection into mammalian CHO cells.



Starting with hybridomas, BIOTEM offers different production systems to perfectly meet the specifications.
Different purification methods are also preferred depending on the projects and the intrinsic properties of the hybridoma.


Sequencing, physicochemical analysis, antibody engineering, affinity determination, etc. BIOTEM has a wide range of complementary services to characterize your antibodies.



Many modifications of antibodies are feasible and allow to obtain effective tools in multiple applications (conjugation, fragmentation, engineering, etc.)
A feasibility study can be implemented to highlight the best strategy.

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Quinthetic LibraryTM: This ready-to-use offer completes the services for the generation of immune libraries focused on immunogens of interest. It can be an alternative to immunizations.