Antibody Characterization

anticorps caracterisation

Customized services to characterize your antibody candidates

BIOTEM provides a wide range of high added value services covering all requirements for full antibody characterization and conservation. See below a short list. Feel free to contact us for tailor-made projects.

BIOTEM does not claim any intellectual properties nor any other rights on the developed antibodies.

Solutions adapted to your specifications :

  • Securing biological materials
  • Assistance in filing patents
  • Liquid nitrogen storage
  • Antibody Rescue
  • Antibody


    1. Antibody Sequencing

    BIOTEM offers services for sequencing variable and constant regions of antibodies from hybridomas or even purified antibodies ("de proteo" sequencing). Having the sequence of a monoclonal antibody allows:

    • Hybridoma rescue
    • Recombination and Redundancy analysis
    • Antibody Engineering (Humanization, Affinity maturation, Antibody formats, etc. )
  • Affinity


    2. Affinity Determination

    BIOTEM offers different strategies for affinity determination, including the "bio-layer interferometry" technique (BLItz® System, PALL FortéBio or the BiacoreTM). The determination of k, kon, koff is useful during an antibody development program to identify candidates with the best properties. This data is also necessary in order to best characterize a candidate antibody for patent application.

  • Cell


    3. Cell Bank

    • Master and Working Cell Bank
    • CNCM Hybridoma bailment (Collection Nationale de Cultures de Microorganismes): Cell lines registration for regulatory purposes requires several procedures and validations. As an expert of hybridoma handling, BIOTEM supports its customers in the recording process with specific institutions
    • Storage in liquid nitrogen
    • Hybridoma monitoring contract : recurring thawing thaw, amplification and viability quantification
    • Detection, removal of mycoplasma and Endotoxin-free treatment
  • Additional


    4. Additional Services

    Thanks to the know-how developed in immunotechnology since 1980 and the partnership with selected contractors, BIOTEM is able to propose a large spectrum of services enabling your objectives to be achieved.

    • Stability study
    • Epitope mapping
    • Specific Conjugation, learn more
    • Immunogenicity, Toxicity and Anatomopathology studies
    • Isotyping
    • Antibody Engineering
    • Quality controls
    • Custom studies
    • Non-exhaustive list

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