• Creation of master / working bank with monitored viability
  • Storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Hybridoma monitoring contract: recurring thawing thaw, amplification and viability quantification
  • More services available


  • Thaw and cell amplification using specific and adapted media
  • Multi-parameter recovery process
  • Clonality study
  • Isotyping
  • Recloning
  • Refusion, hybridoma screening


Thanks to the know-how developed in immunotechnology since 1980 and the partnership with selected contractors, BIOTEM is able to propose a large spectrum of services enabling your objectives to be achieved.

  • Epitope mapping
  • Sequencing (variable region or full length)
  • Determination of affinity constants (Kd, Kon, Koff)
  • Stability study
  • Immunogenicity study
  • Quality controls
  • Chemical study
  • Toxicity and anatomopathology study
  • Special conjugation (ADC, chemical components)
  • Non-exhaustive list

Cell culture

  • Detection, removal of mycoplasma
  • Isotyping
  • Cell line stability study
  • Immortalisation of human lymphocytes
  • Endotoxin-free treatment
  • High density culture adaptation
  • Other services upon request.

Hybridoma bailment

Cell lines registration for regulatory purposes requires several procedures and validations (creation / validation of working and master bank, doubling time determination, etc.)..

As an expert of hybridoma handling, BIOTEM supports its customers in the recording process with specific institutions dedicated (French CNCM institute: Collection Nationale de Cultures de Micro-organismes for example).

Mouse MAb

Murine monoclonal
antibody development

Genetic immunisation, Subtractive, Fusion, R.A.D ® protocol, Screening, Confirmation, Cyclop Screening System, Cloning, Banking, learn more...


Productions, Purifications
& Modifications

HyperFlask production, CELLine, Bioreactors, Ascites, Ion exchange chromatography, Affinity, Size exlusion, Antibody precipitation, Hydrophobic interactions, Papain, learn more...