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Humanized Antibody Development Platform

Humanization by CDR-grafting consists in transferring parental (commonly rodent) complementarity determining regions (CDR) into human framework (FR) regions. Parental antibody specificity and affinity are conserved thanks to the preservation of residues implicated in antigen binding. This technology aims at reducing antibody immunogenicity in humans by eliminating xenogeneic residues not involved in antigen recognition.

Humanized antibodies constitute the majority of today’s approved therapeutic antibodies.

BIOTEM’s strategy uses human germline sequences as they form the true immunological self. By using them, instead of mature human immunoglobulin sequences, antibody tolerance in humans is reinforced.

BIOTEM uses a validated and modernized version of the classical CDR-grafting technology comprising :

  • Bioinformatic Analysis : Identification of most adapted human germline framework sequences. The number of back mutations is hereby reduced.
  • Parental Antibody Sequence Analysis : Identification of critical residues for antigen binding and antibody domains.
  • CDR Grafting : Combination of parental critical residues for antigen binding with human germline framework regions by molecular biology.
  • Sequence Optimization : Improvement of antibody manufacturability and optimization of its affinity and activity (IC50).
  • BIOTEM’s added value
  • Modernized CDR-grafting using human germline genes
  • Sequence optimization included
  • Preserved parental affinity and specificity
  • 100 % fee-for-service
  • One-week in silico humanization

Depending on the stage of your project, BIOTEM proposes to take care of :