Expert in immunotechnology since 1980, BIOTEM is a Contract Research Organisation which provides high added value services for the development of custom monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays (ELISA & LFIA).


Complying with ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 13485:2016 Quality Standards, the company has been the privileged partner of more than 400 prestigious industrial and academic laboratories for their projects in fundamental research, development of improved diagnostics or generation of promising therapeutic tools.


In addition to its commitment to quality and reactivity, confidentiality has always been – and will continue to be – BIOTEM’s corporate policy. Today, the company is proud to publish the name of partner-clients which allowed us to name them as reference.

They trust us:

 ̶  Please ask for a complete list of ‘disclosable’ clients  ̶  


Based on a high level of expertise and exclusive technologies, BIOTEM implements the most relevant strategies for each project according to the client’s specifications.

As a benefit, BIOTEM is keen to propose contracts with guaranteed results.

From the generation of original monoclonal antibodies  ̶  by hybridoma and Phage Display technologies  ̶  through their production, characterisation (affinity & specificity determination, sequencing, stability studies,…) and immunoassay developments, BIOTEM offers a wide range of customised services.


Besides, BIOTEM is strongly involved in different R&D programmes implemented either internally or in collaboration. These programmes aim to: 

  • Optimise existing processes and develop new approaches for monoclonal antibody generations
  • Develop new monoclonal antibodies against relevant targets for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
  • Propose innovative technologies to build new screening tools (rapid tests, biosensors, etc.)